We’re aware that all parents, regardless of their child’s age, may have concerns at them wishing to enter the modelling world.

There is little regulation in the modelling industry and with this brings unscrupulous and exploitative people who see it as an opportunity to make some easy money, either by posing as fake model agents or agencies.

The Model Hub offers a safe, professional and nurturing environment for any of our models or creative team wishing to progress their career in the industry and we’ve pulled together the following advice which should be of assistance to both younger models, creatives and their parents.

Bogus Model Agents
Be wary of anyone posing as a model agent on Facebook, Twitter or any other form of social networking. It’s all too easy for someone to setup a fake profile and claim to be scouting for some of the top agencies in the country. 

We only ever scout models directly and do not use any third parties, so should anyone claim to be working for The Model Hub but does not give you an email address in the style of prefix@themodelhub.co.uk, then it's safe to assume they are not from our agency. If this happens, please contact us and let us know.

Meetings / Castings
In order to keep our overheads low, The Model Hub has no central office premises and all staff work from the comfort of their own homes.

Any meetings or castings we undertake are normally held in either centrally located photo studios, cafes or other public meeting spaces and we fully welcome any accompanying parents, guardians or other adult chaperones. 

We’ve heard countless tales of amateur models and their parents who have spent hundreds of pounds on professional portfolios, under the false pretence that it will increase their chances of being signed by an agency.

The Model Hub can tell just as easily from natural looking amateur photos if someone has model potential as they can from heavily photoshopped (and often expensive) professional pictures.

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