Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Model Hub? 

The Model Hub is a non-exclusive Model Agency working with our freelance talent to achieve their full potential and recognition in the Scottish modelling scene.

Have a look at our "About" page for full information and the history of our agency.

What services do you provide? 

You can view our full list of services by clicking here ... however, in short, we provide 4 key services for our models and clients.

  • Model Agency - Sourcing our models work
  • Model Development - Helping new models develop their portfolios
  • Creative Marketing - Using our strong social media presence to promote our creative team
  • Productions - Fully producing and stage management of catwalk events.

Who's the team behind The Model Hub?

We're run by a small team with a mixture of experience in the various areas of the model and event management industry.

Gary runs the agency and is responsible for dealing with the day to day model management and liaising with clients.

Rosalyn is our Marketing and Events Manager who as the title suggests, is responsible for all Model Hub marketing to ensure clients know who we are and what we do, plus takes the lead role in preparing and running the various events we attend or produce.

Carol, Jodie and Dee are not only some of our longest serving models, but they also take a lead role in assessing every model application received.

Do you have an office for castings?

No, as a small agency we operate The Model Hub from the comfort of our own homes - this helps us keep our overheads low and we do not have any need for a central office location (for the moment).


What sort of people are you looking for? 

Unlike other agencies, we avoid strict rules on height or size and treat each application on its own merits. However our main prerequisite for accepting an application is that models be photogenic, likely to be booked by our clients and are willing to develop their modelling portfolios and skills.

Our models are split into 4 divisions and here's a rough guide to where you'd fit into our agency ...

  • Main Board - Experienced female models with diverse portfolios
  • Petite - For our shorter females with strong portfolios
  • New Faces - Models new to our agency who are still growing in experience or portfolio diversity
  • Kids - For our child and teenage models.

I've been scouted by The Model Hub, what happens next? 

As well as models being able to apply to us directly, we occasionally hold scouting events and use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to spot models that we believe may have potential.

We only ever scout models directly and do not use any third parties, so should anyone claim to be working for The Model Hub but does not give you an email address in the style of then it's safe to assume they are not from our agency. If this happen, please contact us and let us know.

Do you offer child models? 

Yes, we're still in the process of launching this service fully - but as of Spring/Summer 2018 we're now recruiting and offering child and teenage models to select clients. All child models are supervised by their own parents/guardians who we liaise with directly for all bookings.

How do you decide who gets accepted? 

All applications go via a selection team who each feedback their decision. The team is made up of Model Hub staff, photographers and models, thus ensuring that any decision taken isn't swayed by one persons likes/dislikes.

How much does it cost to join? 

The Model Hub does not charge anyone to join our agency or any ongoing management/hosting fees.

We make our money from providing models to clients and from our production and marketing services. In our opinion, any agency that charges you to join is one worth avoiding.

How much work am I guaranteed as a member of The Model Hub? 


That may sound harsh, and probably not what you were expecting, however we make no promises to any of our models that they will receive work during their time with us.

No legitimate agency should ever promise a model work as they cannot predict client requirements, however you can often increase your chances with a strong and diverse portfolio.


What is a freelance model?

A freelance model is not employed by any particular agency, instead the model works for themselves and develops their own portfolio. They may also act as a supplier and work with various Freelance Model Agencies, such as The Model Hub, who help them source additional work and develop their careers further.

What is a freelance model agency? 

A freelance model agency deals only with model's not exclusively signed up and contracted to another agency. All successful applicants to The Model Hub are welcome to apply and work anywhere else, thus increasing their chances of building a strong and diverse portfolio. 

Do I have what it takes to be a model? 

Everyone is different and every agency seeks a different look or characteristics, however the best piece of advice we can offer is prepare for rejection and don't be afraid of criticism. If you're strong enough to take the negative side of the industry, then chances are you'll make a good model.

What sort of work can you do as a freelance model? 

Exactly the same type of work that a model signed exclusively to an agency may receive.

So you'll have opportunities to take part in fashion shows, paid and TFP photoshoots as well as various promotional and wedding events.

What does TFP mean? 

Time For Prints ... This is where no money exchanges hands between a model and photographer. The model will instead receive copies of the photographers pictures to use in portfolios, etc. 

How much money will I earn as a model? 

There is no definitive answer to this question as the reality is you may earn nothing as a model or you could go on to be one of the countries top stars, able to command your own premium rates.

Our advice to all new models is to treat it as a fun hobby or small pocket money business. This approach means you'll not be disappointed when the large pay cheques and shoots on tropical beaches never materialise.

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