Application - Next Stage!

First of all, congratulations on your successful interview to join The Model Hub, Scotland's largest non-exclusive model agency.

We now need your full contact details, body stats, work comfort levels and acceptance of our Model and Confidentiality Agreement.

Next Steps

1) Review the "Model and Confidentiality Agreement" document ensuring you are happy with all terms and conditions.

2) Complete the form opposite which gives us your full contact details, body stats and additional info, as well as agreeing to the terms of the agreement above.

3) We'll use the information provided to create your Model Hub portfolio page

4) If you have any additional photos for your portfolio, please email them ASAP to

5) We'll notify you via email when your profile is ready and we're able to start taking bookings for you.

 Portfolio Development

A strong portfolio, showing a diverse range of looks, is key to securing castings and furthering your modelling career.

If you are developing an initial or existing portfolio, we can recommend a handful of professionals that we've selected as Model Hub Test Photographers based on their ability to consistently deliver portfolio worthy images.

Test shoots are typically not limited by time, have unlimited clothing changes and you’ll receive around 4 to 6 retouched and edited portfolio images of your choice.

These photographers offer our signed agency models heavily discounted rates (around £50 to £100 for a shoot) and it’s worth pointing out that we make ZERO money from these. 

As a freelance model, you are of course welcome to source your own portfolio shoots – however if new to the industry and unsure of the terminology, then we’d strongly recommend avoiding “Makeover shoots”. These are where you’re promised hundreds of pictures on a CD and have your hair and make-up done by a professional. They tend to cost hundreds of pounds and the pictures often look exactly the same, with the standard rarely being up to portfolio quality. If in doubt, we’re happy to nudge you in the right direction.

If you wish further information on which photographers we recommend, please let us know on the form opposite.




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