Thank you for responding to our recent casting for The Model Hub - Scotland's largest non-exclusive agency.

In order to consider you for the role, we need basic information to see if you match the clients requirements such as age, location, body stats and some pictures.

Before we start, all applicants must ...

... be over 16 years of age at the time of application.
... be based in / or able to attend hires located in Scotland.
... be willing to protect The Model Hub brand through their own professionalism.


1) Ensure you meet all our applicant criteria above.

2) Accurately complete all fields in the form opposite.

3) Email a few pictures to

4) Pictures must clearly show your face and full body shape.

5) Keep the pictures simple, there's no need for pouting.

6) We'll contact you ASAP with our decision.


What is a casting?
We typically hold open castings when none of our signed agency models suit a particular clients requirements, so we're often looking for a very particular look ... which hopefully you can fill.

Do you charge people to join your agency?
Nope - no reputable modelling agency should EVER charge you to join or ongoing admin fees!

Where can I find information about your agency?
Check out our About Us page or feel free to ask around within the Scottish creative industry - we're extremely proud of our positive reputation!

I don't have any modelling experience, can I still apply?
Yes - we take applications from both new and experienced models, no experience is needed.

I don't have professional portfolio pictures, can I still apply?
Yes -  we are happy to receive clear amateur pictures. However we do frown upon trout / duck pouts, so please keep the pictures natural looking!

When will I know if I've been successful?
We know what it's like when you apply for something and don't hear back, so we promise to let you know within a few days of applying ... even if you're are unsuccessful.

I have more questions - can you help?
Feel free to check our more comprehensive F.A.Q page or Contact Us with any questions not covered.


Don't forget to email pictures to