Thank you for expressing an interest in your child joining The Model Hub - Scotland's largest non-exclusive agency representing fashion and petite models across the country.

All child/teenage applicants must ...

... be under 16 years of age at the time of application.
... be applying with the permission of and have this form completed by their parent/guardian


1) Ensure you meet all our applicant criteria above.

2) Accurately complete all fields in the form opposite.

3) Email a few pictures to

4) Pictures must clearly show face and full body shape.

5) Keep the pictures simple, there's no need for pouting.

6) We'll be in touch ASAP if we wish to take the application further.


Do you charge to join?
Nope - no reputable modelling agency should EVER charge you to join or ongoing admin fees!

Where can I find information about your agency?
Check out our About Us page or feel free to ask around within the Scottish creative industry - we're extremely proud of our positive reputation!

What sort of people are you looking for?
Unlike other agencies, we have no strict rules on height or size ... our main criteria is that you're photogenic and have the professionalism and potential to be hired by our clients.

I don't have a portfolio, can I still apply?
Yes - we take applications from both new and experienced models, so are happy to receive amateur pictures.

Can you promise me work?
No! That may sound blunt, but no agency should ever promise you this. We'll always do our best, but selection for modelling jobs is entirely down to client specifications, strength of portfolio and our judgement as to who we think best for each hire.

I have more questions - can you help?
Feel free to check our more comprehensive F.A.Q page or Contact Us with any questions not covered.


Don't forget to email pictures to